Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Take a look at our learning last week:


We learned how good readers stop and check when their reading doesn’t look right, sound right, or make sense. This awareness is crucial for beginning readers who sometimes make the mistake of skipping or changing words. Your first grader can read more carefully by using a reading finger and reading at a moderate pace.

If your child does make a mistake, encourage him/her to fix it, by saying, “Something didn’t sound right (or look right) in the sentence/on that page. Can you find it?” After fixing the mistake, make sure your first grader rereads the corrected sentence to ensure comprehension.


We are continuing to write Small Moment stories in Writer’s Workshop. We began the week by learning about punctuation ( . ! ? ). In order for the kids to know where to add their punctuation, they needed to know when a sentence was complete.  We spent time building sentences and we learned that you must have a who and a what in order to be a sentence. We practiced adding punctuation to stories that didn’t have them. This can be a hard concept to grasp and we will continue to work on it all year.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 4.35.45 PM

Our first graders solved stories that were missing a partner instead of the total this week too.  This was our first time exploring ways to solve this kind of problem.  We found that our math mountain strategy helped us organize the numbers so we could count-UP from the known partner to the total in order find the missing partner.  So, we worked hard to recognize the total and partner in each story so our math mountains made sense and our work was accurate.

Looking Ahead…

November 1-16 – P.E. C.A.R.E.S. Food Drive
November 6 & 8 – Parent Teacher Conferences
November 6 – Book Fair Preview

We will head down to the book fair so your child can make a wish list of the books he or she would like to get.  You do not have to purchase these books.  This experience gets the kids excited about new books to read or look at!

November 8 – Book Fair Buy Day

Today our class has the opportunity to visit the book fair to purchase books.  If your child would like to buy a book, please send his/her money to school on Wednesday in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and the phrase “Book Fair Money”.

November 9 – Jet’s Pizza Night
November 10 – Western Day

Dress up in your cowboy/cowgirl gear in honor of our book fair this week!

November 11 – Veteran’s Day

*We will not have our normal library time this week due to the Book Fair.*

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