Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Take a look at our learning last week:


This year, we will gradually introduce our students to many different chunks that they can use when decoding a word (vowel teams, r-controlled vowels, etc.).  This week, we focused on H BROTHERS (thshch, & wh) & R SISTERS (ar, er, ir, ur, & or).


This week we focused on zooming in to the most important part of our small moment story. When we are writing our stories, it is easy to list off a bunch of things we did. We might end up with stories that sound like this….

“This weekend I went to the mall with my mom. We got some clothes. Then we went to Subway and got a sandwich. Next we went home and watched a movie. I hope we can do that again!”

We have been calling this a watermelon story. A watermelon story is a big story (many moments). In Writer’s Workshop, we want to write tiny seed stories. These stories are small, zoomed in stories. Like seeds in a watermelon, there are small stories inside of big stories.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.41.59 PM

Looking at the example story, we could write a seed story of going to the mall. We could also write a story about getting our sandwich from Subway or watching a movie at home. We want to focus on one moment in time, and write lots of details about that one time.

We also talked about making sure to add details to that seed story. We can do this by adding dialogue, writing details that use our five senses, and adding actions of what our hands, feet, and face are doing.


Looking Ahead…

November 1-16 – P.E. C.A.R.E.S. Food Drive
November 14 – Vision Screening
November 15 – Library Day
November 16 – Parent Club Meeting @ 6:30pm
November 17 – Popcorn Friday
November 22-26 – Thanksgiving Break (No School)
December 14 – Holiday Program @ 6:30pm


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