Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Take a look at our learning last week:


This week, we continued to focus on common chunks that we see in words. We focused on words with ED endingsED typically makes three different sounds when it is at the end of a word. We worked on sorting words as we listened to the sounds the ED made.

The kids are noticing our H Brothers, R Sisters, and ED endings in their books and all over the classroom



We continued to work on subtraction strategies, this week. The first graders performed very well with the strategy of:

  1. Circling the numbers in the story
  2. Listening to see if the story is subtraction or addition
  3. Writing the secret code that matches the story (T-P=P or P+P=T)
  4. Adding the numbers to the equation
  5. Drawing the math mountain
  6. Putting the total at the top
  7. Clapping and counting ON or UP to solve for the missing number

We are in the habit of checking to see if the number we solved for makes sense in the math mountain (the largest number always has to go at the top). If they make a mistake, the math mountain helps them to realize this.

Looking Ahead…

October 22-24 – Thanksgiving Break (No School)

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