Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Take a look at our learning last week:


As we wrap up our unit focused on characters, we talked about how good readers are thinking while they read.  One of the ways that we think is by making connections to what is happening to our characters. As we read, we stopped to think, ‘Would I feel the same way, if that had happened to me?’ or ‘Do I know of any other characters, from different books, who have felt this way before?’ Connections help us to understand how characters feel and infer why they are acting the way they are acting in different parts of a story. Making these connections will help your child to have a deeper understanding of story events and prepares them to be able to talk about character traits.


We have spent much of this week reviewing tricky concepts from our past units and learning some fun partner math games. These games are a great way for students to reinforce their number sense skills, and they are fun too!


Since we will not be starting our next math unit until after break, we will not have a homework packet this week. Look for a Holiday Break Challenge coming home at the end of the week – similar to what we did over Thanksgiving Break! Remember, it is completely optional, but I wanted to offer a challenge to those families that are looking for ways to continue practicing reading and math skills over the break.

Looking Ahead…

 December 20 – Library Day
December 21-22 – Holiday Fun Activities in the Classroom

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