Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Take a look at our learning last week:


This week in reading, we continued our focus on habits of a good reader to become super smart about nonfiction topics.  We worked hard to think about the facts that we had learned while we were reading and spent time sharing them with our classmates. To make sure that we were sharing facts in a way that would be interesting to our friends, we practiced reading them smoothly, trying our best to sound like a teacher or a news reporter.

We also began to review different ways to figure out tricky words in our nonfiction books. Our new poster has a lot of strategies that reminded us of our animal friend decoding strategies we used for our fiction books.


This past week we wrapped up our unit on How To writing!

We picked our favorite How To teaching story to get ready to celebrate. We made sure our piece had all of the parts of a good how to story by checking our stories with partners. Then we made sure we had capital letters, finger spaces, neat handwriting, and punctuation to make our writing easy to read. Finally, we added color to our teaching pictures.

On Thursday, we were ready to celebrate! We partnered up to share our writing. We all had fun celebrating our fantastic writing!


Looking Ahead…

February 5-6– Winter Break (No School)
 February 7– Library Day
February 8– Jet’s Pizza Night
February 9– Popcorn Friday

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