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Weekly Update

Take a look at our learning last week:


During our reading time this week, we worked on being the BOSS of our reading!  If we’re being the boss of our books, when we get to a tricky word we know we have to STOP, and try something to fix it. If that doesn’t work we can try another strategy!

Finally, when we think we figured out the word, we do a triple check to make sure the word: makes sensesounds right, and looks right!


This week, we transitioned back into opinion writing. The first graders used their collections, brought from home, to be a judge and choose their best object. We then wrote a review of the object they chose. As they were writing their review, we started to see features of their writing that reminded us of our persuasive letters that we wrote back in December.

As we worked on a shared review together, we took note of key features that we’ll see in our own Reviews. We’ll build on these few features to build more persuasive reviews throughout this unit.


This week our math switch groups reviewed how solve missing partner addition and subtraction equations.  To support our math learning we added new purple and blue quilt cards to our math tool kits.  Our purple and blue cards are very similar to our previous yellow and orange cards, except this time we are encouraging our mathematicians to count-on or “make a ten” as they solve equations with teen totals.

Picture 2

We also began solving mixed stories again.The first graders performed very successfully when they complete the appropriate steps in order.

Looking Ahead…

March 11 – Book Fair Preview and Parent Teacher Conferences

We will check out the book fair as a class and send home a “wish list”. You do not have to buy anything on this list, but it will give you an idea of some of the books your child is interested in.

March 13 – Book Fair Buy Day and Parent Teacher Conferences

If you would like your child to buy any books from the book fair, please clearly mark the books your child should be purchasing on their wish list. For more information view this blog post.

March 15 – Beach Day

Our class earned another goal! 🙂 We will have Beach Day on Friday. Students may bring in a beach towel, sunglasses, and sandals while we dream of warmer weather!

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