Weekly Update

Here’s a look at what we learned this week…

Writer’s Workshop:

After spending lots of time noticing what makes Jonathan London a great author, we went to our book boxes to check out what some of our other favorite authors do to make their stories great. We can find mentors in all authors! We are getting ready to start revising and editing our stories so they will be ready to share by the end of next week.


We have been talking a lot about coins the past few days! All second graders could benefit from additional money practice. In our world of credit cards, they just don’t get to see it very often! If you have any loose change at home, grab a handful and sort it with your child. Talk about what it is called and how much it is worth. You could even practice counting up how much the handful is worth. Any extra exposure to money would be great.

Reader’s Workshop:

After lots and lots of practice, we ended our week with some performances! We were in small groups for 4 different plays. The kids loved being in charge of their group and making the character their own. We performed on Friday for Mrs. Greenlund’s class, and we even got to see their plays as well. It was a great way to wrap up our character unit.

Fort Day and Book Orders

Just a reminder – book orders are due tomorrow if you are interested in ordering any books.

Also, our class has earned their 15 star goal for Fort Day! Your child is free to bring in a blanket or two to help build themselves a fort. They can also bring along a flashlight if they’d like for reading in their fort.

Here’s to a fun Friday tomorrow!

Spelling Words

A few parents commented to me that they would like a clearer communication of our spelling words each week, so I will be posting the 5 weekly words on Monday (with the exception of today, of course!)

These words will be tested on Friday.

Core Words of the Week:

  • into
  • has
  • more
  • her
  • two

Conferences and Report Cards

Hi Second Grade Families,

This coming week we will be having our Fall Parent Teacher Conferences. Please see the schedule below for your conference time. 

Report cards will be sent home at the end of the day on Monday with all students. You get to keep the report card, but please return the envelope to use for our winter report cards. You can bring it to your conference or send it back in your child’s blue folder.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 3.18.00 PM

Halloween Party

Our Halloween Party is tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th. It will be after lunch from 1-2pm. If you are volunteering, please plan on coming at 1pm – you won’t need to come early. 

The kids will start the party by changing into their costumes. Send your child to school in their normal clothes, and they can pack their costume in their backpack or a separate bag. If there is a part of their costume that you need to do in the morning, like a certain hairstyle or a special pair of pants, they can come to school like that. Just don’t have them start the day with their full costume. 

Once the party is finished, students will take off their costumes and head out to recess. If you are volunteering, you may help your child change out of their costume, but they will be going out to recess by themselves. This will help your child finish their day with their normal routine.

If you have any questions about the party or costumes, please let me know.

Weekly Update

Here’s a look at what we learned this week…

Writer’s Workshop:

We started our next unit of writing, using an established author as a mentor for our writing. We decided to look at Jonathan London, the author of the Froggy book series. He uses great detail/action words, colorful bolded words, and onomatopoeia (sound effect words). We will be using his books to help guide us to become even better writers.



We took our first math test this week! Our 2nd grade mathematicians did an amazing job – especially with those tricky two-step problems. I will be sharing those tests with you at conferences.

We are starting our new unit next week, and we will start talking about ones, tens and hundreds. We will be working with place value, expanded form, and how to represent numbers in multiple ways.

Reader’s Workshop:

We started our new unit about characters. We got a new reading partner, and each partnership looked at a different character together. We made predictions, found problems and solutions, tracked character feelings, and noticed their character traits. We will be looking at new characters next week, and the partnerships had fun picking out new character books on Friday.