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School Supplies

Hope your summer is going well!  As the back to school ads come out sooner and sooner each year,  our class supply list hopefully will allow you plenty of time to get your child ready for second grade and find some great deals!

Here is the suggested list of materials your child will need for second grade:

  • 1″ Binder with pockets in the inside cover
  • Composition Book, wide ruled
  • 4 Dry Erase Markers labeled with your child’s name 
  • Pencil box
  • A pair of blunt child’s scissors labeled with your child’s name
  • A clean pair of tennis shoes for gym (they don’t have to be new)
  • Colored pencils
  • Sticky Notes
  • A pair of earbuds to be used with ipods/ipads/computers.  Please put your child’s name on the headphones/earbuds ( a piece of tape on the cord works well).
  • A container of disinfecting wipes
  • 1 game (to keep at school for the school year) your child can teach the rest of the class how to play during indoor recesses.  It can be returned at the end of the year.  Please write your child’s name on the box or bag.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thanks for your help!

**Also, if you have not filled out the Parent Survey, please click here —> Parent Survey**

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Are you looking for the class lists?

To view them, go to the Georgetown School blog.

Are you visiting our blog because you will be in this class next year?

If so, welcome! :)

Please take some time to explore all of the pages, posts, and links on our blog. While you are looking around, be sure to sign up for email updates by filling in your e-mail address in the subscribe by e-mail rectangle located on the upper right-hand column. Our class blog will be the site for information about school supplies, special events, pictures, curriculum, assessments, and so much more. 

A school supply list will be posted on July 1. Later in the summer, I will provide information on the blog about the August open house. 

Also, remember to sign up for email updates on the Georgetown School Blog.  The school blog will provide updates all summer long about school wide events and important details about open houses and calendar dates.

I will be at Open Library on June 10 from 10-12! Hope to see you there!

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Last Open Library!

Hi Second Grade Families!

Just a reminder – if you have checked out any books from our library this summer, tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day for open library! It will be a check-in day only, so no new books will be checked out. 

Just because our library is closed doesn’t mean you stop reading! :) The Raz Kids website your child used in first grade is still available to use, and our local libraries have a lot of great books as well! 

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and keep reading!

-Mrs. Van Koevering

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Parent Survey

I hope you are enjoying the start to your summer! We are loving the sunshine here at my house :) Even though summer has just begun, I am already looking forward to next year. I have made a parent survey to give you a chance to tell me about your second grader. All of your responses are confidential – I will use them to help prepare myself and our classroom for a new group of amazing kids.

Click this link to start the survey –> Parent Survey

Enjoy the sunshine!

- Mrs. Van Koevering

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Thank you!

Dear First Grade Families,

Thank you for such a wonderful year! We had a great last week of school – I will miss these kids over the summer! Thank you as well for the notes/gifts that were shared with me this week. You all have been too kind to me, and I am so grateful for the wonderful families I have been able to work with this year. 

Report Cards

If you chose to have them mailed, they were put in the mail after school. Look for them coming your way soon! If you chose to have them emailed, I just sent them! Check you inbox.

Open Library

This summer, our school library will be open for students to check out books.


On Tuesdays, 10:00-12:00, students can stop by school to check out books and visit with their favorite teachers. Research has shown that students who choose to read throughout the summer are more successful readers. Help to establish healthy reading habits and mark this on your calendars. Taya and I will come as often as we are able – looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Second Grade

I’m very excited to be joining the 2nd grade team next year! I’m thrilled to have some of my former students and get to know others even better! The teachers in 2nd grade are amazing, and I cannot wait to start our fun 2nd grade journey in the fall.


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Check out these AMAZING performances by our class! We have been working on becoming the character in Reader’s Workshop. We used our voice, face, and body to help us become the character. Their performances turned out great! Way to go, first graders! :) 

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Chalk and Bubble Day!

Every year, we look forward to celebrating the end of the year together outside with bubblessidewalk chalkpopsicles, and fun!  We are all stocked up on FUN, but…we would LOVE if you would add bubbles, LARGE bubble wands (Dollar Tree), or sidewalk chalk to one of your shopping lists in the next week.  We hold our celebration on the second to the last day of school (June 5), so if you are willing to help supply us, you can feel free to send in your goodies anytime before that day. 

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Report Card Survey

Please fill out this quick survey about how you would like to receive your child’s report card. Thanks!

Report Card Survey

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Weekly Update


In Reader’s Workshop this week we focused on becoming the character in the books we are reading. We found that we can use our voice, face, and body to help us act like the characters. 

We practiced with some of our favorite books like Elephant and Piggie, Pigeon, and Henry and Mudge. Once we got really good at becoming the characters, we read our book to two other friends in our class. 
We will continue working on characters with some reader’s theater next week!


This week was a busy week for writing. Thank you so much for all the parents and family who came to JUST WRITE. The kids had a blast showing off all their writing from the year and touring the school to see everyone else writing from the whole school. 
We also celebrated our “All About” books. We spent the beginning of week creating a cover to our books and then we read our books to friends from Mrs. Stadt’s class and taught them all about our topic. We had so much fun writing our “All About” book.


We have been studying larger 2-digit numbers.  We noticed that every 2-digit number has a place to show the tens hiding inside, along with a place to show the extra ones.  We also represented these numbers using ten sticks and circles, and wrote an equation to match our work.

 Then we worked on adding two 2-digit numbers together and solved it the same way: by drawing ten sticks and circles.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 2.06.19 PM

We checked to see if we had enough circles left over to make a new ten.  If we did, we circled them into a group of ten.  Then we counted all our ten sticks and then our left over ones to find the answer.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 2.05.49 PM

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Greenhouse Field Trip

Check out some pictures of our fun trip to N. Schut Greenhouses!

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