Book It Reading Calendar

You will be seeing a “Book It” reading calendar coming home in your child’s blue folder this week. It is from our librarian. If you would like to fill it out and return it to school at the end of the month, your child will get a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. It is not a requirement to fill out this form, but since we have our 15 minute daily reading goal anyway, you might as well get free pizza!

Please make sure to contact me if you have any questions about the “Book It” reading calendar.

Halloween Party

Second Grade Families,

We will be having our Halloween Party on Wednesday, October 28th at 1:00pm.  In order to have our party run smoothly, I need your help! If you click below, you can sign up to donate or volunteer at our party. (It will ask for your email to confirm your sign up spot.) Thanks in advance for your help! 

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot



Weekly Update

Here’s a look at what we learned this week…

Writer’s Workshop:

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 2.54.24 PM

“Once you’re done — you’ve just begun!” This was our slogan for the week. Once we planned our story and wrote the words, we could look back to see if we could add more details (revise) or make it easier to read (edit). Then it is back to step one, planning a new story! Writers keep writing the whole time.


We learned a strategy for helping us add partners that had teen totals. We can “make a ten” to help us add in a snap. An example is below.


First, we underline the bigger number. Then we draw circles for the smaller number. We will need to borrow one of the “one circles” from the 5 to make the 9 into a 10. Since we borrowed a “one circle”, the 5 becomes a 4. We can do 10+4 in a snap! This strategy works well for some kids but is not a favorite for others. If you child likes to use it, great! If they don’t, encourage them to keep using a strategy that works best for them.

Reader’s Workshop:

We compared books to a puzzle this week. All of the different parts (characters, setting, problems, solutions, etc) fit together to make a bigger picture or story – kind of like a puzzle! Sometimes it takes more than one time of reading the book to fit all of the pieces together. When we reread a book, we can understand the story even better, and it might help answer questions that we had the first time reading it.

Weekly Update

Our second week was AMAZING! I could not be more proud of all the hard work our second graders did this week. We worked on getting to know each other and classroom procedures, and we had a lot of fun doing it!

Here’s a look at what we learned this week…

Writer’s Workshop:

We reviewed the ideas of a watermelon story and a seed story. A watermelon story is a BIG story that has lots of small moments in it. A seed story zooms into ONE TIME and tells lots of details about that small moment.

Then, we picked a seed story idea. We made a plan of what were were going to write by holding up a finger for each page and telling our writing partner what we were going to write.

After planning with our partner, we sketched our ideas on 6 sticky notes, one for each page. We stuck our sticky notes on our writing paper and got to writing! No more saying, “I don’t know what to write about…” Good writers plan their stories before writing!

collage three collage two collage one


We worked with math mountains and equations this week in math.

We know that “a partner plus a partner equals a total”  and “a total minus a partner equals a partner”. This is shown on our math mountain, shown below.

Math Mountain

We can use this math mountain to write our addition and subtraction equations.

The two addition equations we can make are…

5+3=8  and  3+5=8

The two subtraction equations we can make are…

8-5=3  and  8-3=5

Reader’s Workshop:

We have been reviewing what it looks like when we read to self. Here’s the list that our second graders came up with to help them remember what to do.

  • Stay in one spot
  • Read in your head or with a whisper voice
  • Choose a just right spot
  • Read the whole time

After we came up with our list, we started working on our stamina. Stamina is the thing that keeps us going and helps us read longer and longer. We were able to read for 20 minutes straight this week! Amazing work, second graders!

Library and Book Orders

Hello Second Grade Families,

Today was our library day! Your child can keep their 2 books at school or bring them home. All we ask is that they are returned next Tuesday so they can check out new books! In second grade, your child has access to the whole library, including some of the “scarier” books like Goosebumps and Michigan Chillers. If these books are not ones you want your child checking out, please have a conversation with them at home about appropriate book choices. If you have any concerns about this, please let me know!

Last week I sent home some flyers for this month’s Scholastic Book Orders. These will be due this Friday, September 18. You can send in the order in your child’s blue folder or order online. To order online, visit Scholastic’s Book Club and enter our class code, LXF6T.

If you have any questions about how to submit an order, send me an email! I would love to walk you through it.

-Mrs. Van Koevering

First Day Homework!

Hi Second Grade Families,

Today was such a great day! Thank you for sharing your learners with me :)

Your child has homework tonight – reading 15 minutes! Some were worried that they wouldn’t be able to do that tonight. I told them not to worry! They can break it up into smaller chunks – read 5 minutes on the bus, read 5 minutes before bedtime, read 5 minutes at breakfast, and you have your 15 minutes!

On your child’s Blue Daily News Folder is a spot for you to circle “Yes” or “No” to tell me if they got their 15 minutes in. Be honest! Some days are busy, and you don’t get to everything. They will not be penalized if they miss a time here and there. I just want a true picture of their reading habits.

See you tomorrow!

- Mrs. Van Koevering

Tips for the First Day

Our first day of school is Tuesday, September 8. The bell to line up rings at 8:45 am. If you are dropping off your child, please make sure to arrive after 8:30 as our playground helpers are not outside until this time. When your child arrives at school, they may go right to the 2nd/3rd grade playground. My name will be written in chalk by the 2nd/3rd hallway doors to show their line up spot. They can put their backpack in our class line and get some energy out on the playground before the bell rings!

Healthy Snacks – In order to keep our nut allergy students healthy and safe, it is very important that we keep our classroom NUT FREE.  Because of the carpet in our classroom, we are only allowed to drink water in our room.  Feel free to send a water bottle to school with your student, but no juice please.

If you have any questions about the first day or anything else, please send me an e-mail: I can’t wait to start our learning adventure!

Open House

Tomorrow is an exciting night! We have our Open House at 6:30pm. You will get a chance to bring in some school supplies/gym shoes to make your backpack lighter the first day of school, meet me, and even choose your seat for the first day of school. I can’t wait to meet you! See you tomorrow night!