Valentines Reminder

Our Valentines Day Party will be held on Friday, February 12 from 1-2pm. We still need some more volunteers/items donated!

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

Just a reminder: your child will need something to hold their valentine cards in. Their box can be as simple or as fancy as they would like! If you get it done early, feel free to send it in to store here at school.


Valentines Day Party

Our Valentines Day Party will be held on Friday, February 12 from 1-2pm. If you are interested in donating some items or volunteering, please check out the link below.
Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

We will be passing out Valentines prior to our party. Here is a list of the students in our class.

  • Reese 
  • Alex
  • Carter         
  • Hanna         
  • Terry         
  • Sydney      
  • Lauren
  • Mathis       
  • Gavin        
  • Zaidan        
  • Cooper          
  • Dillon        
  • Jack            
  • Sofia
  • Noelle        
  • Emma      
  • Justin        
  • Mikaela        
  • Andrew    
  • Kayla          
  • Noah
  • Austin        
  • Dylan

Math Update

This week’s update is dedicated to subtraction with regrouping! These second graders have been working so hard, but subtraction with regrouping is tough. You are switching a lot of numbers around, and it requires some abstract thinking. Below are two visuals to show you how your child has been learning to subtract. When we learned to subtract, we called it “borrowing” a ten. Your second grader is used to the term “ungrouping” a ten or hundred. 2 digit math Capture

With double digit subtraction, these second graders have been successful! But once we started subtracting two-digit numbers from three-digit numbers (like 100-52), things got tricky. There were a lot more numbers to keep track of.

The “rules” for subtraction stay the same.

1. Look at the ones place.

2. More on top or more on the floor?

3. More on top? No need to stop. You can subtract.

4. More on the floor? Go next door and get 10 more. Then you can subtract.

5. Repeat these steps for the tens place.


  • Trying to subtract anyway when there is “more on the floor” (ex: saying 5-7=2)
  • If there is a zero in the ten’s place, you need to ungroup a hundred. This requires a “double cross off” that students forget (ex: 100-33. You need to ungroup a hundred. You get 10 tens. You need to ungroup a ten and you are left with only 9 tens. Many students forget to ungroup the ten stick and just give the ones place ten from no where)
  • Subtracting from left to right instead of starting with the ones place.

We will continue to work on these strategies in the classroom, and I thank you for your continued support at home. Make sure you are checking your child’s homework and talking them through any errors if you are able to.

And if you get stumped on a problem – no worries! Leave me a note on the homework, and I will be sure to check in with your child the next day.




Spelling Words and Valentines Party

This week’s spelling words:

  • get
  • through
  • back
  • much
  • go

These words will be tested on Friday.


Also, our Valentines Day Party will be on Friday, February 12 at 1pm. If you are interested in volunteering, I will post a sign up link soon.

Your child’s Valentines Day homework is to create a “mailbox” to hold their valentines. They can make it as creative or simple as they would like, as long as it can hold their cards. Feel free to send in their mailbox to store at school whenever it is completed.

Weekly Update

Writer’s Workshop:

This week was spent revising our non-fiction books. We checked to make sure we had an introduction, lots of facts, diagrams, labels, captions, bold words, a glossary, and a conclusion. Whew! That was a lot of things to keep track of, but the 2nd graders did a great job making sure we had all the parts we needed.


We started learning about 2-digit subtraction this week. We found that drawing pictures helps us see what we are doing more clearly. We also noticed that sometimes we need to “ungroup” a ten stick in order to subtract.

Here is an example.

First we draw the larger number using ten sticks and one circles.


Then we look at the ones place. We need to take away 8 ones from the larger number. Since there are not enough one circles to do that, we need to “ungroup” a ten stick. (When we learned subtraction, we called this “borrowing”.)


Now we can take away our 8 one circles.


Next, we need to look at our tens place. We need to take away 2 tens from the larger number.

step4Finally, we count up how many ten sticks and one circles we have left. We found our answer!

step5This is just one of the ways that your child will learn to solve subtraction problems. As I teach new ways, I will post them to the blog. Your child can use whatever strategy that works best for them.

Reader’s Workshop:

We continued to work on our series books this week, really focusing on our group conversations. We are making sure to have “deeper” conversations by asking good questions that get our partners thinking – not just yes or no questions. We will continue with series books again next week.

Weekly Update

Here’s a look at what we learned this week…

Writer’s Workshop:

We continued to work on our non-fiction books this week. We learned how to add an introduction and conclusion to our books. We also got to come up with some survey questions to ask our classmates, and then we took the survey results and added it to our books. We will be starting to wrap up our non-fiction unit this coming week.


We have returned to money this past week, with a focus on quarters. We reminded ourselves how to count by pennies, nickels, and dimes. Then we practiced how to count by 25s with quarters. We also practiced counting money that is over a dollar. Counting money is something that all second graders can continue to practice at home!

Reader’s Workshop:

We started book clubs this week around series books. The series we are looking at Elephant and Piggie, Mercy Watson, Cam Jansen, Franny K. Stein, and A to Z Mysteries. We have been noticing patterns in our books, finding problems and solutions, and getting to know our characters better.






See You Tomorrow!

Just a reminder – Christmas Break Challenge homework is due tomorrow! If your child filled out their sheet, send it along with them in their blue folder. Remember, if your child lost their sheet, just send a paper in letting me know what they did and how often. Students who bring in their completed sheets will earn an extra recess tomorrow. Can’t wait to see everyone soon!

Christmas Break Challenge

Your child is coming home with a challenge! For every 15 minutes they read or for each time they do a round of math facts on Math Facts Pro (link is at the top of this site), they can color in an ornament on the tree. If they bring the paper back filled out after break, they will earn an extra recess with me!

If you lose your sheet, keep track on any piece of paper. There are 14 ornaments on the paper, so that would be 14 times of reading, math or a combination of both.

Send me an email if you have any questions!